Summer holiday 2017 is coming and many Dolphin users worldwide have entered the holiday and planned the family travel. However in this world of competition, are you planning more for your business career or bigger success in one high-level-entry field such as data recovery? Read more

Dolphin Data Lab offers complete hard drive data recovery solution to all potential Dolphin users!

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DFL-DE data recovery tool version 1.3 beta version has been released today and we will continue adding more data recovery functions to this tool and release them in the near future. We wish all users succeed with DFL data recovery and hdd repair tools.

What’s new in DFL-DE Version 1.3?

1, A major upgrade of the DFL-DE hardware console and code optimization to enhance greatly the bad sectors read efficiency and read effectiveness;

2, GPT partition support is added;

3, More new file systems including EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, HFS+, HFSX, VMware ESX VMFS5 are added;

4, Bad sector statistics is added within the disk image and file extraction interface;

5, Partition image loading function is added; Read more