Dolphin Set Up New Office For Higher Efficiency

Dolphin headquarters in Chengdu has set up one new office mainly for training, sales, product test, support and the existing office will be kept specially for hardware design, software design, software upgrade and new functions research and some other offices for other company functions.

This new office is located between the existing airport-Chengdu Shuangliu International airport and the coming new International airport here in Chengdu and it takes only 30 minutes around to reach the airports.

All Dolphin team members are working very hard to achieve the same goal-make all Dolphin users more successful with more product test, more new data recovery tools, new data recovery solutions and with this new Dolphin office, it’s believed all these goals will be achieved faster.

Dolphin Data Lab is not only one simple supplier of data recovery tools and solutions,  but more acts as one close partner of all Dolphin users, Dolphin team grow together with all users and are always trying the best to help all users.

Users can find out Dolphin new tools here: