WD HDD Auto Repair Tool Is Available Worldwide

Dolphin team has released this WD hdd auto repair tool to worldwide clients who are interested in repairing damaged western digital hard drives with bad sectors, password, smart failures, firmware failures and even weak head failures.

The official product name is called DFL Auto Servo and it’s PCIe design which is able to connect 4 hard drives at the same time and repair the failures automatically and make the drives work in good status.This WD hdd auto repair tool is mainly used to refurbish hard drives and it will destroy the data on the drives connected to the hardware. So any intention to use this tool for data recovery is forbidden.

There are two methods within this tool to repair the damaged WD hard drives:

1, To run full ARCO optimization online and run selftest online;
2, To run full ARCO optionzation online and run selftest offline.

Option 1 has the highest success rate, because the program does all diagnosis and repairing automatically and even if different failures or errors occur during the repairing process, the program will handle the errors properly.

Option 2 enables users to refurbish multiple hard drives  at the same time. When the ARCO optimization completes, users can remove the drives from the tool and then connect the drives to external power supply to run offline selftest. After the selftest completes, the drives will spin off.

By option 2, users can connect unlimited WD damaged drives to DFL Auto Servo to run online ARCO optimization and then connect unlimited WD damaged hard drives to external power supply to complete the repairing.

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