DFL Data Extractor V1.6 New Upgrade Available For Free

As what Dolphin team always do, new upgrades of Dolphin data recovery tools are created again and available now for Dolphin users for free with new functions and new improvement on existing functions.

This available upgrade program is on DFL data extractor program, users with SRP-DE, DFL-DDP, DFL-DE and DFL-URE can download this program from the user-only forum for free to use it and we have shortened the upgrade progress, all users need to do is to copy the downloaded files to the corresonding installation folder and the new program works immediately. Users can use the same activation file without touching it.

Version number of this new DFL data extractor: V1.6

What’s new within this new version 1.6?

1.Target drive initialization failure fix;
2.Control Panel optimization, please note the control panel is available for SRP, FRP;
3.Image setting optimization when disabling reverse read, fixing the switching sectors failed to correspond to the setting;
4.Fixing program crash bug when the sectors to skip exceeds overs 2048;
5.Scanning function improvement;
6.New:Cache refresh for source and target drive is added;
7.New:Within the sector view interface, users can compare data any time to see if the data transfered to target drive is exactly the same as the source;
8.Samsung drive password removal optimization;
9.Toshiba hdd virtual translator improvement;
10.Fix the bug after disabling all resets;
11.Raw recovery improvement;
12.New: To handle the target disk error is added.

To remover more damaged hard drives with greater success in data recovery field, users are recommended to upgrade your data recovery tools in time. Download this new data recovery program for free here.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add our official skype: dolphin.data.lab