New DFL All In One Software Upgrade V1.663-Christmas Upgrade

At this Christmas Season, Dolphin team are working hard to test and release this new version for all Dolphin users’ bigger success and Dolphin users can download it for free from the user-only forum. This all in one new V1.663 contains the following versions:
DFL-DDP V1.663
WD V2.728
ST V1.678
Hitachi/IBM V1.337
Toshiba/Fujitsu V1.326
Samsung V1.327

Within this version, users have the following further updates besides the major upgrade of V1.661:

1, Increase the working speed of all the programs such as fw read/write, etc;
2, Within DDP file extraction interface, the size format of files has been changed and easy to check and recover the files;
3, USB hard drive detection and compatibility are further enhanced with URE and SRP programs such as WD program;
4, MFT scan is further improved to handle some special cases while the MFT is damaged;
5, Local VHD detection by DDP has been improved;
6, Toshiba HDD MQ series support for refurbishing purpose for cutting zones;
7, P-list edit for Toshiba drives has been added;
8, Toshiba hdd head test function has been added;
9, More new functions are coming, some functions require big test and careful coding to make them work properly with the existing functions and we will release them soon…

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