Purchasing Tips For Dolphin Data Recovery Tools

To ensure all Dolphin users can buy Dolphin data recovery tools safely and efficiently, Dolphin team are mentioning again all offical purchasing instructions and tips, specially for new users worldwide.

By only the channels and methods below, users will get official full-English manuals, videos, complete technique support, remote support, email support, forum support, latest software upgrade programs and all other official users’ unique benefits.

Dolphin official sales Channel-https://www.dolphindatalab.com and http://forum.dolphindatalab.com/, Dolphin official contacts: sales@dolphindatalab.com or Skype: dolphin.data.lab or tel: 0086-28-64737668 or any other contacts approved by official contacts. Besides, users can buy Dolphin data recovery tools from Dolphin officially approved and listed resellers worldwide here: http://www.dolphindatalab.com/about/resellers/

Any purchases from any other channels will not be supported, Chinese version will not be supported, second-hand versions will not be supported.