Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

It has come the end of the Year 2016 and Dolphin team gain a great step forward in data recovery field with the support from all Dolphin users. At this special Christmas Season, Dolphin team are sending the best wishes to all Dolphin users. Merry Christmas and happy new Year 2017!

Whenever and wherever you are in the world, Dolphin users and your families and friends receive the warmest wishes, wish all of you the best happiness and biggest success in your life.

At this Christmas Season, Dolphin team prepare new upgrades to all Dolphin existing users, new data recovery documents to use all Dolphin tools and special Christmas offer to upgrade the previous generations of Dolphin tools to the latest DFL PCIe and DFL-SRP driver-free data recovery equipment.

As for new orders of Dolphin data recovery tools before Jan.5th, users get not only good prices, users get also amazing Christmas gifts which will help for users’ bigger data recovery success rate.

Within the new Year 2017, more new Dolphin data recovery tools and new data recovery technologies will be available for all Dolphin users. Many thanks to again to all Dolphin users!