Dolphin December Data Recovery Training Courses Completed Perfectly

Dolphin Data Lab has offered advanced hard drive complete data recovery training courses during December 5-9, 2016 to Dolphin users from India, Saudi Arabia and Maritious.

Dolphin team arranged the airport pickup when users came to Dolphin office and when users left the hotel, Dolphin team arranged special pickup too and each day of the stay in Dolphin city, Dolphin team arranged the special car to make sure all users came to Dolphin training room and came back to hotel safely and happily.It was 5-day advanced training courses, Dolphin team tried all the best to make all the attendees learn as much knowledge as possible while they have a happy stay here, Dolphin users explained a lot of helpful data recovery technologies with detailed steps and tips, Dolphin team also brought the attendees to enjoy the local cultures of the Dolphin city-Chengdu. We visited the Panda park, tried hot pots, saw the unique Chinese traditonal buildings and very developped financial centers and shopping zones and also hi-tech zones.

All Dolphin users have a happy stay here with Dolphin team members and Dolphin team had also one birthday party in the office for our lovely Indian user who spent his first birthday in Dolphin office in China.

One more thing is worth mentioning about this data recovery training course, users brought their patient drives and got the drives recovered too. That is to say all the attendees get fruitful result from this journey and the most important we strengthened the friendship and enhanced the communication success rate between users and Dolphin developing team.