Dolphin December Spanish Data Recovery Training Came to a Happy Ending in Mexico

With 4 days Spanish data recovery training completed in Mexico on December 3, 2017, it represent the training for whole 2017 was coming to an end.

Spanish data recovery training was worked out by DataClinic, it is a tailor made training for Spanish speaking countries.In 2017, the training was successfully completed in a few countries in Latin America continent, such as in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Mexico. It attracted hundreds of engineers who are interested in data recovery joined the course. They speak highly about the quality course, and they believe they acquired a lot of data recovery knowledge and skills from it. Some of them built up their data recovery business soon afterwards and began to make a good profit gradually from this sector.

According to the CEO of DataClinic, they will continue to conduct the course and share their valuable experience in the coming 2018. We will keep the training schedule posted on our website once it is available.


DataClinic is the first company in the world to provide hard drive data recovery course in Spanish and it has been providing the comprehensive course for a few years. Their course cover logical recovery, firmware repair, physically drive repair and data recovery knowledge. It also contained how to swap platter and exchange head in class. On the other hand, they have been dedicating in data recovery service for over a decade, more than 1000 companies select them as their business partner.

Dolphin Data Lab authorized DataClinic as an official resellers in Latin America in 2016 and both parties will cooperate more and more closely to offer more professional and latest Spanish data recovery training courses to clients worldwide.

If users want to attend professional Spanish data recovery training course, please email to or contact directly our Spanish training partner by