Four Days’ Data Recovery Training Courses for Indian Clients

From last Saturday to this Tuesday, Dolphin data lab has arranged a four days’ training plan on data recovery for our invited Indian client and his assistant. This client is running international trade business of computer related and pc repair service, now considering to start a new business on data recovery. In order to improve the basic skills of himself and choose proper products to set up his own data recovery lab, he actively cooperates with Dolphin engineers to complete this training course.

To make the training effective, Dolphin training courses are tailored individually to each client. Due to the fact that this client is taking up computer related business, our engineers spent less time to introduce the basic components of hard drives but paid more attention to the symptoms of patient hdds which could assist them in judging the probable failure reasons. Clients can operate on the patient hard drives by themselves, because we have abundant hdd resources for their practice.

As data stored on the platters is affected by three factors: logic factor, firmware factor and physical factor. As for logic failure, it’s quite easy to solve with our tools SRP and PCIe. Our engineers mainly explained how to work on firmware failures with our equipment, especially for WD, Seagate and Toshiba, as well as Hitachi etc, including how to search for matched firmware resources, how to edit, regenerate, repair and rewrite the new firmware. Finally, our engineers made a live demo for swapping heads and platters in the clean room, then passionately directed our clients to have a hands-on experiential learning for using head combs and hard drive opening tools.

This is an interactive learning process, during which our client can raise his confusion and express his ideas momentarily and our engineers will give timely explanation. Through hands-on practice, the client can have a deep impression on the products themselves and use methods, and can quickly start on his own data recovery business after this training. We also sent him the electronical training courses for his convenience of easy reference, and we could offer timely technical supports during his future work.

This Indian client has bought the Dolphin data recovery solutions after training to begin his own data recovery business, and it is just the beginning of partnership between the client and Dolphin team. We share the same aspiration to make success of data recovery in their local market with Dolphin’s professional equipment and technical support.

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