Dolphin Engineers are Ready to be Invited for Client-site Data Recovery Training

Dolphin team have recently received many requests from worldwide data recovery engineers and Dolphin users to offer client-site data recovery training courses and now Dolphin team are meeting this demand and sending engineers to clients’ office for training courses.

The client-site training courses will have the same contents as the Dolphin head office training courses or users can customize the training courses together with Dolphin data recovery training engineers.

Some users prefer to come to Dolphin head office to attend the advanced data recovery training courses, discuss business opportunities, get different data recovery resources and meet Dolphin team. But some others may think differently, because they will have to consider the travelling cost including flight cost, hotel cost, accomondation cost and also the time cost, during the training week, the engineers cannot work normally.

So from on now, we offer two choices for all clients:

1st choice: users come to Dolphin head office to take training courses;
2nd choice: users invite Dolphin engineers to users’ offices to offer training courses.

But please make one reservation one month before the training courses start.

For either option, users can cover the training contents for complete hdd recovery cases from logical, firmware, physical, from undetected cases, wrongly detected cases, dead cases to other kind of common cases users may meet.

Any question or to make one reservation, please email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: