Data recovery school from Brazil request to have Dolphin data recovery solutions

Hello Sir,

I am Luiz, based in Brazil, and we are a data recovery school. We offer tools from partner manufacturers and would like to invite you to a partnership, including your tools in our offerings catalog. This way, we can present your solutions for HDD and flash data repair and recovery.

We would like to request permission to translate some of your videos into Portuguese and Spanish. If you agree, we will download a few videos from your YouTube channel, where you showcase your tools, and present them to our clients. This will establish a reselling and independent teaching partnership.

Could you please provide information on your best Dolphin tools for HDD refurbishment (including bad block cleaning) and their respective prices? We would also appreciate receiving detailed information about your data recovery products and tools.

We eagerly await your response.

Best regards

To answer above email:

Dolphin team mainly offer data recovery hardware tools and hard drive firmware repair tools and some users use the firmware repair tools for HDD refurbishment.

Dolphin data recovery tools and firmware repair tools are very easy to use and very good for education purpose with many free data recovery training videos, case studies and user manuals.

Detailed datasheets and quote details have been emailed to the new client.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID:

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