After Dolphin Data Lab released the latest G3 WD SMR HDD USB to SATA data recovery adapter and its software, it becomes easier and easier for Dolphin users to recover lost data from WD SMR USB hard drives.

Helpful videos to learn more about the G3 WD SMR USB HDD adapters and its software:

Video 01: How to Install G3 WD USB to SATA Data Recovery Adapter 
Video 02: How to Image Extract Lost Data From WD USB HDDS Faster and More Stably
Video 03: Latest data recovery assistant software for WD SMR USB HDDs

To recover lost data more easily from WD SMR USB hdds, users can try the following steps:

01: Connect G3 adapter to WD SMR USB hdds by USB type c cable;
02: Click connect device and Read ROM directly by G3 adapter software;
03: Generate unlock rom by DFL-WD hdd firmware repair software;
04: Click ‘Block 411 Write’ , select the generated unlock rom and write rom by G3 adapter software;
05: Close ROM operations by G3 adapter software and go to DFL-WD hdd repair software;
06: Lock UA writing, backup important firmware modules, specially module 190;
07: Test firmware modules and repair;
08: Open DFL-DDP data recovery software for disk image or file extraction, load 190 to ram auto if there’s all sectors 0000 issue.

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When users receive Toshiba hard drive data recovery cases of head failure, users need to diagnose the hdd head failure properly and use correct data recovery solutions.

Toshiba hdd failure symptoms:

Clicking noises;
Working slowly;
Undetected/wrongly detected.

HDD Repair tools and data recovery tools required to fix Toshiba patient drives with head failure:

DFL-Toshiba HDD firmware repair tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

Data Recovery Solutions required to fix Toshiba patient drives with head failure:

01: Toshiba HDD Heads read/write test;

02: Edit head map within SA area;
03: Set auto virtual translator within disk image settings for unstable Toshiba patient hard drives;
04: Set up head map for imaging good heads first and then image weak heads;
05: Swap heads by Toshiba hdd head replacement tools within clean room.

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Dolphin data recovery hardware tools offer very good solutions to repair and recover lost data from Hitachi hard drives with head failure.

Hard drive symptoms with head failure:

Patient HDD keeps Busy
Patient HDD undetected
Patient HDD works very slowly and has many or regular bad sectors

HDD Repair tools and data recovery tools required to fix patient Hitachi drives with head failure:

DFL-Hitachi HDD firmware repair tool
DFL-DDP data recovery equipment

Data Recovery Solutions required to fix patient Hitachi drives with head failure:

Head test-Menu path-DFL Hitachi firmware repair software>Hitachi ARM/IBM>Firmware Operations>Head Test;

Edit head map within NVRAM, this function is very helpful in many cases to fix hitachi drives with single head failure or when the patient drive is undetected but ready;

Set up head map to image good heads first and then weak head, for many Hitachi head swap cases, users need to use the auto virtual translator solutions;

Swap heads by Hitachi head replacement tools within clean room environment to fix the patient drives with total head damage,

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Hello Sir,

I am Luiz, based in Brazil, and we are a data recovery school. We offer tools from partner manufacturers and would like to invite you to a partnership, including your tools in our offerings catalog. This way, we can present your solutions for HDD and flash data repair and recovery.

We would like to request permission to translate some of your videos into Portuguese and Spanish. If you agree, we will download a few videos from your YouTube channel, where you showcase your tools, and present them to our clients. This will establish a reselling and independent teaching partnership.

Could you please provide information on your best Dolphin tools for HDD refurbishment (including bad block cleaning) and their respective prices? We would also appreciate receiving detailed information about your data recovery products and tools.

We eagerly await your response.

Best regards

To answer above email:

Dolphin team mainly offer data recovery hardware tools and hard drive firmware repair tools and some users use the firmware repair tools for HDD refurbishment.

Dolphin data recovery tools and firmware repair tools are very easy to use and very good for education purpose with many free data recovery training videos, case studies and user manuals.

Detailed datasheets and quote details have been emailed to the new client.

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Dolphin Data Lab has created and released many new Seagate hard drive firmware repair videos and data recovery videos free for DFL users to download.

These videos are very helpful for users to understand the Seagate hard drive failures, firmware repair and data recovery solutions and users can use all DFL firmware repair tools and data recovery hardware tools more effectively and efficiently.

The following are the new videos added on Dolphin file share platform:

Seagate Constellation ES.3 SED HDD Firmware and Data Recovery Steps.mp4.7z
Seagate Rosewood HDD Head Map Editing in ROM by DFL-Seagate HDD Repair Tool.7z
SEAGATE ST4000VM004 ST4000VX005 B2 HDD LED 0X0BD SPIN UP AND DOWN HDD Repair and Data Recovery Steps.7z
Seagate-ST1500LM012-1R817G-HDD-Recovery Steps.7z
ST1000LM035-1RK172-FW-LVM1-Capacity 0-HDD-Repair-and-Data-Recovery-Steps.7z
More data recovery videos are coming…

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Seagate works in two modes: ATA mode and COM mode, DFL-SRP USB3.0 for Seagate can repair both old 7200.10 and before, and new Seagate F3 hard drives. Users can Edit model number, SN, remove password, repair bad sectors, repair firmware failures, etc with DFL Seagate firmware repair tool.

This article is mainly introducing how to fix translator damaged Seagate hard drives by DFL Seagate firmware repair tool. Read more

This is another successful hdd repair case study to repair western digital WD3200AVVS-62L2B0-WCAV16752981 hard drives automatically by DFL Auto HDD repair tool.

Model     :  WD3200A
FW Rev    :  03.04E03
S/N       :  WD-WCAV14187751
Capacity  :  298GB(625142448)
Cylinders :  16383  Heads:  16  SPT:  63 Read more

Dolphin Data Lab is releasing the new DFL Seagate hard drive firmware repair version 1.662, Dolphin users can download it for free from the DFL Seagate user-only forum.

Within this new version 1.662, users get the following new features:

1.  Improved    7200.11 NG list algorithm.
2.  Added       ST F3 PSF backup/clearing/edit
3   Added       DWF common failure fast soluton-one click to fix; Read more

This was one case study of Seagate F3 hard drive refurbishing, to refurbish the hard drive means the client doesn’t need the data inside the drive, because the functions used in this case study will destroy the data.

So users must backup the firmware resources, must learn whether it’s to refurbish the hard drive or recover the data before operating on the hard drives.

The hard drive ID information is as below:

Model: ST500DM002-1BD142; Firmware version: KC43; Capacity: 500GB; Serial Number: 6VMXTPTB Read more

Seagate Momentus 5400.6 hard drive repair

Rst 0x08M
RW cmd 0002 req = 89 3E 00 00 17 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 08 41 08 00 87 4C 09 00 08 41 08 00
opts = 00001121

RW Err = C3160084

RW cmd 0002 req = 89 3E 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 08 41 08 00 87 4C 09 00 08 41 08 00
opts = 00001121

RW Err = 43110081

RW cmd 0002 req = 75 5F 02 00 17 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 08 41 08 00 87 4C 09 00 08 41 08 00
opts = 00001121 Read more