How to Get my DFL Data Recovery Tools Work Faster

Dolphin users worldwide have been using DFL data recovery tools for a long time, some of them can use them very efficiently, some of them are still new and use them standardly.

Today in this article, we are talking about how to get your DFL data recovery tools work faster.

1, It’s the best to get one special PC for DFL tools only; Intel I5 or above; 4G memory or above, 2TB disk space or above, no internet is required;

2, It’s the best users upgrade all the existing tools to the latest hardware and software, using the driverless technology for connecting and using it directly without delay in signing the driver signature;

3, Update the pc system automatically using DFL offered system update tool or update the pc system manually like the video below:

4, Spend enough time reading the manuals and watching the video case studies, keep learning and practizing, only when you are similar with the functions, methods and tools, you are able to use the right functions for the right cases to get the biggest success rate;

5, Within DDP imaging interface, users can untick the Green Resource Mode and the imaging will be faster;

6, Users can select larget read block size, more sector to skip when meeting bad sectors;

7, Users can use selective head image to image good heads and then image weak heads, for physically damaged heads, it’s suggested to swap heads to cut heads physically for better recovery success rate;

8, All DFL tools are USB3.0 design or PCIe design for high-speed mode, but for USB designed data recovery hardware, if users connect the USB3.0 cable to USB2.0 ports, then the tools will work within slow mode;

9, DFL data recovery tools offer many quick data recovery solutions, users need to understand how to use them, what cases to use them and then it take just few clicks to get the data back.

10, If users, specially new users can take some advanced data recovery training courses, this can make the users use DFL data recovery tools faster too for sure.

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