Dolphin Chengdu Data Recovery Training Courses August For Saudi And Taiwan Users

During August 24-28, 2015 Dolphin Data Lab head office had offered hard drive advanced data recovery training courses to users from Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.

Saudi users have used Dolphin DFL series data recovery tools for some time and they have got some great experience and knowledge from the product manual, forum topics and discussion and practice and with this training course, Saudi users attend with the problems, doubts and questions they have during their cases’ resolving and at the same time, they came with some difficult cases they couldn’t handle within their data recovery labs.

During the training course, Saudi users and Dolphin engineers worked together to fix those real cases with detailed instructions and tips. Engineers used mouth and users used hands and it was nice and helpful cooperation to users to obtain the real data recovery skills.

After the training course, Saudi users made great progress and got all his doubts using the tools cleared and got more confidence in handling different kinds of cases for the final users and Dolphin team has finally issued the Certificate of Excellence to the Saudi user.

The most important for Saudi users, the three hard cases were recovered and they can get paid and then all the training and travelling cost can be paid by the cases brought to the training office. This is undoubtedly one wise decision for users to attend our advanced training course.

As for Taiwan users, they are new to this field and wanted to refurbish hard drives and therefore, Dolphin engineers have customized the training contents specially for hard drive refurbishing including bad sector repair, undetected hdd repair, dead hdd repair, etc.

As for new users without Dolphin tools, it’s important for them to have one clear and correct understanding of hdd refurbishing and data recovery, what can be refurbished, what is worth refurbishing, how to refurbish multiple hard drives at the same time.

Dolphin Data Lab offers always customized data recovery training courses based on each user’s detailed situation including work experience, knowledge and future plans.

August is one busy month for Dolphin Data Lab to get visited by users worldwide and we have trained users in the same month from Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.

Dolphin team wait for and welcome more users to come to Chengdu training office and we believe this will be one fruitful journey for you all.

If any one is interested in Dolphin Chengdu training courses, feel free to email us by or add our