Dolphin Sydney Data Recovery Training Course Is Available In September

Dolphin Data Lab Sydney data recovery training course is going to be held during 8th to 12th September, 2014.

This data recovery training will last for 5 days and our Australian data recovery engineers will be responsible for training with his advanced data recovery knowledge and experience. The most important is that users can check how different live cases are fixed by the advanced data recovery equipment with latest data recovery technologies from Dolphin Data Lab.

This training course is specially good for those who are new to data recovery field, it teaches not only how data recovery tools work, how data recovery solutions are used to fix different failures, what are the failure symptoms and what do these symptoms mean, how the hard drives work and how the firmware modules are affecting the running of the drives and how to fix the firmware module failures.

Besides the logical and firmware level of knowledge and experience, Dolphin Sydney training center will teach students on how to perform physical data recovery including how to find donor PCB and swap PCB, swap ROM chips and how to find donor heads and swap heads, swap platters. All attendees are able to do all above by prepared cases.

Users can also bring their live cases to our Sydney data recovery training center and our engineers will show how to recover the lost data from these cases. Users get then both cases solved and get yourselves to be well trained for starting and improving your data recovery business successfully.

If any of our users are interested in this training opportunity, please email to us by or