Dolphin Sydney data recovery training center has offered advanced data recovery training courses to the Dolphin users in Australia during May 16-20, 2016.

Starting with basic data recovery knowledge, the 2 attendees from Queensland quickly become proficient in diagnosing and using common firmware repairs with the DFL tools. Read more

Dolphin Australia data recovery training center is offering advanced data recovery training courses in Sydney during October 26-30th, 2015 and the date is coming very near, users of DFL data recovery tools can grasp the time to book the tickets now.

DRTOOLS offers both 1 day and 5 days’ data recovery training courses.

1 day introductory course gives you the background to offer basic data recovery services, You will learn tips and tricks to solve DR cases;
5 day foundation course offers a boot camp approach to all facets of hard drive data recovery; Read more

Dolphin Sydney data recovery training center is to offer advanced data recovery training courses in Sydney Australia on 26-30th October, 2015.

This advanced training course will make best use of Dolphin data recovery tools and teach users how to diagnose, analyze and fix different data recovery cases.

View the October data recovery training structure here Read more

Dolphin Sydney data recovery training center has completed its latest data recovery training seminar based on the Dolphin data recovery tools during September 8-12, 2014.

Many thanks to the training engineer there who made his efforts to make more DFL users learn more about DFL series data recovery tools and love these tools.

5 students completed the course which covered all logical , imaging, firmware and physical problems and solutions. Read more

Dolphin Data Lab Sydney data recovery training course is going to be held during 8th to 12th September, 2014.

This data recovery training will last for 5 days and our Australian data recovery engineers will be responsible for training with his advanced data recovery knowledge and experience. The most important is that users can check how different live cases are fixed by the advanced data recovery equipment with latest data recovery technologies from Dolphin Data Lab.

Read more

Congratulations first to the Sydney Dolphin Data Recovery Training center!

With the great efforts from our Dolphin data recovery training center in Sydney Australia,  the training courses are being offered to the attendees from different places of Australia and even attendees from Singapore. Read more