DFL-DDP Version 1.2 Is Coming Available In Our User-Only Forum

After continuing tests and development on DFL-DDP USB3.0 data recovery equipment,we are going to release the new version 1.2.

Based on the new version 1.1 final released several days ago, we have done the following:

1, Added the virtual disk support as TARGET DISK;
2, Added ‘Bad’ suffix to files which fail to be read;
3, Color of error messages in the log report is changed to red;
4, Impove the COM port interface further;
5, Improve the Samsung password removal method;
6, Improve the Seagate F3 password removal method;
7, Improve the Seagate .7-.10 password removal process;
8, Improve selective head image process;
9, Added more message reports to tell the process of some common hdd failure

10, Improved Seagate F3 NG list clearing;
11, For Seagate .7-.10, the firmware module reading is optimized;
12, For Seagate .7-.10, CERT table module loading is optimized;

13, The bug of sectors to skip is fixed;
14, The method of listing files is changed;
15, The starting LBA is not 0 when selective head image is run was fixed;
16, Change the color of partition scroll from green to blue;
17, Fix a bug for missing DRB during some special image situation;

Dolphin Data Lab engineers will keep working on the research and development on all our data recovery tools and we will release more data recovery functions and features in the near future.