Dolphin Data Labs Supports Rafaela Kiriklakis

One of our data recovery specialists from Chania Krete, Greece daughter was in a tragic accident two years ago. Rafaela is now 10-years old and bound to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. In June of 2011 she was visiting a trampoline park with her two older sisters. While playing on the trampoline lost her balance landing on the ground below. The impact from the fall made the child vomit and slipped into a coma.

The child immediately flown to a hospital on the mainland that specialized in such cases. The Doctor’s could not predict the extent of her injuries. She had suffered from neurological damage to the back, neck, and head. The day she woke from the coma confused and disoriented. She could not speak or understand what people said to her.

After weeks of tests the Doctor’s determined Rafaela suffered from irreversible neurological damage to the spin and head. Doctors could not predict if the child would speak again or understand anything that people said to her. The next six month spent in therapy, rehabilitation, and testing while the family patiently waited. She regained her speech and understanding during rehabilitation. Partial use of one hand and arm returned after 5-month of therapy. After 6 months she left the hospital 85% quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair.

The family could not accept the outcome for their daughter. The medical insurance company refused to pay for further treatment. The trampoline park claimed no responsibility for the accident. The park had not installed safety nets on the trampolines. The safety of the park questioned and closed for not confining with the rules. The family left without hope for their daughter.

In 2012 the family launched a telethon for Rafaela to raise funds to send her to a neurological hospital in Greece. The child spent the next 3-months going through tests and rehabilitation. At the hospital she learned to walk in the pool, gained further use of her hand and arm. Doctor’s predicted if the child could stay another 6-month she would regain further use of her nervous. The telethon raised enough funds for the three months stay.

Dolphin Data Labs with the support of DFL is asking all data recovery specialist to help Rafaela. Funds are coming in from donations now by member of the DFL forum. Other data recovery specialists are contacting the family direct and offering support. Dolphin Data Labs supports the family through prays and donations. A friend from one forum member has offered her support by blogging on three sites. The sites pay blogger for the post they supply and the number of votes they receive. If the post reaches to the home page the blogger paid. So far this blogger has several home page posts and has a way to go. Her goal is to reach a payout of $500 dollars to send to the family.

Contact Dolphin Data Labs email: on how you can help. A special pay pal account has been setup for donations. Please open your heart and send a prayer or give to Rafaela. If she can receive medical treatment she has a chance to live a normal life again.

Dolphin Data Lab and all the users are in a big happy family and we always help each other and we hope all of the users can take care of yourselves and your families and live a healthy and happy life.