WD PCB1692 Safe Mode Tips


We have handled many WD PCB1692 series 2.5″ hard drives with some tips entering the safe mode.

For 2.5″ PCB1692 or series after, it’s not a problem to read ROM when the hard drives are recognized. But it’s a problem when we tried to write ROM and it’s quite often to make the PCB dead by writing ROM to it.

The success rate is not high to enter safe mode by short connecting on 1692 series. The best way to enter safe mode for 1692 series is to separate the PCB, anyway, pls don’t remove the PCB.

Users just need to remove the two screws on the PCB to control the heads contact and insert one biz card and then power on and wait until the motor stops spinning and then the hdd enters kernel mode and next the ROM can be read and written.This also helps to read firmware modules for some hard drives with bad heads.

After entering kernel mode by above method, install the screws, force loading, hard reset, quit the program without powering the hdd off, re-enter the hdd by normal mode and the SA is read and written normally.

This method is very effective for hdd with one single damaged head, power on the hdd and the hdd gets ready but cannot do anything to the hdd.But if the hdd has slow response, this method doesn’t work much.

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