Dolphin Is Simplifying The Product Upgrade Progress

Dolphin Data Lab has recently got some feedback from our clients that it’s good to simplify the upgrade process of our tools especially our DFL-URE USB3.0 data recovery equipment.

Dolphin Data Lab data recovery tools are mainly hardware based, except the head and platter swap tools, adapters, microscope, the DFL series tools are hardware and software combined and the DFL series tools require software upgrade.

For new clients who start to use our tools, they need to use the complete setup programs which contain the product drivers (device drivers, COM drivers and even system drivers for URE), product configuration files, software running environment setup programs. After users install the setup programs, users can find the installation folder from the selected path and all the necessary and important files to complete the installation can be found in the installation folder.

The logic is easy to install DFL data recovery tools: to install the setup programs; to install the device drivers and to create the reg file to send to Dolphin support team and get the activation file.

For new setup programs, we are considering to create programs to install everything automatically and for existing users, we are considering to offer the exe program to be running directly without second installation and even auto detection of the availability of latest software versions and auto upgrade to the latest ones.

Once Dolphin support team completes above ideas and will then release to all our users immediately. For the success of Dolphin users, cheers!