DFL New All in One Software Upgrade V1.757 Available October 30 2017

To all Dolphin users, the latest software upgrade for DFL all in one data recovery tools is now available in the Dolphin file sharing platform. Dolphin users can use this software upgrade program to upgrade the existing DFL-SRP, DFL-URE, DFL-PCIe to work with the latest software and new data recovery functions.

Before this release, we have released the beta versions to some Dolphin users and now all Dolphin users can use this final version.What’s new in this new software upgrade?

DFL-DDP Version 1.757

1, Millions-files-level data recovery has tested and users can recover hdds containing millions of files;
2, WD USB-SATA decryption solution has been working excellently, after converting to SATA, fixing the firmware or weak head issue, the data is visible directly with SATA interface;
3, Bitlocker partition data recovery solution is available;

DFL-WD Version 2.754

DFL-ST Version 1.832

1, ROM head map editing improved;
2, Head adaptive ROM generation improved;
3, COM online scan and add defects to Plist for Seagate hdd refurbishing.

DFL-Samsung V1.332

DFL-Hitachi/IBM V1.370

1, New G-list and P-list operations for hdd refurbishing purpose are added;
2, Module read function improved;
3, Family auto detection function improved;
4, Added LBA to CHS

DFL-Toshiba/Fujitsu firmware repair V1.343

More new data recovery and firmware repair functions are coming out soon.