Dolphin October Data Recovery Training Courses in Process

Dolphin Data Lab is now offering the October advanced data recovery training courses to users worldwide in Chengdu, China during October 23-27, 2017 and this training courses focus on different levels of hard drive data recovery.

Clients attending this training course are new to data recovery field and they came to Dolphin to seek one-stop data recovery resources, tools and the most important, technique support.Many clients told us the data recovery competition is stronger and stronger. Actually for many countries, whether developped countries or developing countries, the real situation is that end pc users may find many data recovery service suppliers but many of them are not really qualified for high-success-rate data recovery services. For many new and firmware corruption cases, few of them are able to fix and get data back and even some service suppliers use software only solutions and even some of them don’t have any data recovery tools or solutions, they just receive cases and forward the cases to their contracted data recovery companies.

When clients worldwide come to attend Dolphin data recovery training courses, firstly, they will get real advanced data recovery knowledge, experience and helpful tips gathered by Dolphin data recovery engineers, secondly, they get lots of data recovery software for free, thirdly, clients can bring good drives to copy all the firmware resources for different hdd brands, fourthly, clients can get long support on other data recovery resources such as donor PCB, donor hard drives and the most cost-effective data recovery tools.

Dolphin team will explain and demo the top data recovery technologies such as how to fix hard drive platter alignment issue, how to clean the platters, how to fix scratched hard drives, etc.

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