WD USB PCB 2060-800041 Compatible SATA PCB has been Available

The compatible SATA PCB for WD USB PCB 2060-800041 has been added to the WD USB-SATA PCB Package and users can not use this newly added SATA PCB to handle the new WD USB hard drives with USB PCB-800041.When the USB PCB is physically damaged, when the USB hard drive has very weak heads or complicated firmware module corruption, the repair commands and procedures are limited by USB interface and at this time, users need to convert the USB interface to SATA interface.

There’re two methods to convert the USB interface to sata, one is to convert manually by soldering wires and the other method is to swap the USB PCB with compatible SATA PCB and transfer the ROM/Bios chip. Obviously, the PCB and ROM swap is easier method.

WD USB-SATA PCB Package contains SATA PCBs which are compatible with USB PCBs of 701635, 701675, 771737, 771754, 771761, 771801, 771814, 771817, 771859, 771961 and now 800041.

Users can simply order this great WD USB-SATA PCB package here.