Shift Deleted Data Recovery by One Simple Click with Dolphin Data Recovery Tools

For shift deleted files, some users may think it is very easy to recover the lost data. This is true if users have complete and professional data recovery tools.

Why? There’re several situations.

Situation 1: After shift deleting the files, the hdd is working properly. Users can use data recovery software such as R-studio, winhex, DMDE, easy recovery, etc to undelete the files easily. Users can also connect the hard drives to Dolphin SRP DDP data recovery hardware and recover the lost files directly;

Situation 2: After shift deleting the files, the hdd has bad sectors and then the users start to recover lost data. If the shift deleted files happen to be on the bad sectors, the data recovery success rate is very low by using data recovery software. But the success rate is high if using data recovery hardware tools such as Dolphin DFL data recovery tools;

Situation 3: After shift deleting the files, the hdd suffer firmware related issues and then it becomes impossible for the data recovery software to get lost files back. Users can use Dolphin firmware repair tools, actually the same hardware but with firmware repair software to fix the firmware issue and then users can use the data recovery module to get the shift deleted files back;

Situation 4: After shift deleting the files, the hdd suffers PCB burning. Users need to swap with donor PCB, transfer the ROM chip or generate original ROM;

Situation 5: After shift deleting the files, the hdd suffers head damage or motor failure, users need to use Dolphin head and platter swap tools and head combs to swap heads or unstuck motor and then users can check and fix firmware failure if there’re and then recover shift deleted files.

So don’t simply say it’s easy to recover shift deleted files.

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