Capacity 0 Wrong Capacity HDD Data Recovery by Dolphin Data Recovery Tools

To recover lost data from hard drives with capacity 0 or wrong capacity symptoms is not for data recovery software users, users need to use professional hard drive firmware repair tools to fix the firmware module corruption and then the capacity 0 or wrong capacity problem can be fixed.

When the hard drives have suffered capacity 0 or wrong capacity failures, the hard drive data area is usually not accessed and users cannot extract files directly without fixing firmware failure.

Capacity 0 or wrong capacity is usually caused by ID firmware module, translator firmware module or some other key data recovery firmware modules. Users need to understand the key data recovery modules for different hdd brands.

To find out which firmware module is damaged, users need to get the hdd ready first, next is to get the SA accessible, next is to get the firmware module list displayed. Otherwise, users cannot find or fix the damaged firmware modules at all. For different hdd brands or even different hdd families, the detailed data recovery methods or steps may be different.

Besides firmware corruption, capacity 0 or wrong capacity can be caused by physical head damage or other physical failures too. Users need to have some proper knowledge for correct diagnosis. It’s easy for Dolphin users because these knowledge is available in Dolphin user manuals and case studies.