Here is one more successful data recovery case study for one DFL user in Italy.


Model number-WD20EURX-64HYZY0
PCB: 1945
Family: DIABLO3S
SPT: 1740
4 Heads

HDD Failure Symptoms:

Wrong SN number: WDC-ROM SN#XYZ—
Capacity: 0

HDD repair tools and data recovery tools used in this case study:

DFL-WD hdd repair tool
DFL-DDP data recovery tool

HDD repair and data recovery steps are as below:

1, Connect the patient HDD to DFL-SRP data recovery hardware;
2, Open DFL-WD hdd repair software by the DFL Control Panel;
3, Enter program, get module list, backup ROM and important firmware modules;
4, Test firmware modules;
5, Common repair>Slow Fix;
6, Power off and on but the failure was not fixed;
7, Hex>LBA read>sector 0 and sector 0 was normal and ok but capacity was still 0 and the recovery was not possible;
8, This step is available in Dolphin user-only forum here;
9, Power off and on, check the data area and the data area was fully accessed;
10, Open DFL-DDP data recovery tool, set up one new data recovery project and all lost folders and files were listed and finally all lost data was recovered perfectly.

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To recover lost data from hard drives with capacity 0 or wrong capacity symptoms is not for data recovery software users, users need to use professional hard drive firmware repair tools to fix the firmware module corruption and then the capacity 0 or wrong capacity problem can be fixed.

When the hard drives have suffered capacity 0 or wrong capacity failures, the hard drive data area is usually not accessed and users cannot extract files directly without fixing firmware failure. Read more