DFL-DE Data Recovery Tool Has Had A Quick Upgrade To Fix WD Decryption

Customers worldwide have used DFL-DE data recovery tool for almost one month since it’s released early September and it’s our honor Dolphin Data Lab has gained customers’ support by submitting new features request and some bugs there might be when using this tool.

One of our customers have carefully tested and used our DFL-DE data recovery tool efficiently to repair some common hdd failures and recover data from faulty hard drives.

WD decryption is one of the major common hdd repair solutions we have integrated to DFL-DE data recovery tool but when customers were using DFL-DE to decrypt the WD hdds, some HDD passwords cannot be detected due to a minor bug there and now we have removed this bug quickly and tested this decryption function and decided to release this new DFL-DE version-Version

As for WD encryption, there’re usually two types of  encryption:

Firmware Encryption
Data Encryption

DFL-DE data recovery tool  is mainly designed to decrypt firmware-encrypted western digital hard drives. After this upgrade, DFL-DE data recovery tool can be used efficiently decrypt WD hard drives including L-shaped hard drives and ROYL series.


Dolphin Data Lab is very much willing to listen to customers and accept their suggestions and for urgent and important hdd repair and data recovery features or bugs, we will in the first time manager to add or to fix and released new upgrade version of  our hdd repair and data recovery tools and therefore, all customers don’t need to worry about using our tools at all.