How to Recover WD10JMVW-11AJGS2 Encrypted Hard Drives


WD10JMVW-11AJGS2 is one Western Digital SED laptop hard drive. It’s very common to deal with the firmware corrupted cases of these WD SED HDDs.

For this patient WD SED HDD, the firmware area couldn’t be accessed directly, the rom couldn’t be read either. The patient HDD was detected wrongly and running slowly.

To fix the firmware issue, the engineer short connected tv9 and tv10, read rom, disable 02, slow fix, firmware restart and the patient hdd was detected properly by DFL-WD hdd repair tool.

After the firmware repair, the user opened the DFL-DDP data recovery software but the result was bad because no partitions were detected, no folders, no files.

The user viewed the source drive sector 0 and didn’t find any partition mark of 55 AA and other hex data was not normal at encrypted status. The user tried using the auto decryption function but the software asked for inputing the software and finally failed.

The user went back to DFL-WD firmware repair software, went to FW Operations>Module Editing>Edit HDD ID>Security Subsystem, ticked the SED and firmware restart, went to DFL-DDP, the lost partition, folders and files were all available for immediate data recovery.

Video instruction of How to Recover WD10JMVW Encrypted Hard Drives

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