New Upgrade Of Dolphin WD Firmware Repair Tools

Dolphin Data Lab works hard and fast to improve our firmware repair tools and within this week, we have released our new version of  Western digital hard drive firmware repair tool V2.57 and now the latest V2.58.

These two new versions are mainly software codes optimization and perfectness of the new firmware repair functions added within the prevision version 2.5x. Now users can use the WD firmware repair tool with more happiness and success.

With the new version 2.58, we have fixed the following:

1, FRP can now run two drives(Two WD and two ST) at the same time;

2, Optimized the performance of generating ROM for Marvell L series;

3, Add more log msgs when operating on the programs so users learn more about how to use the program.


Dolphin Data Lab is adding more new functions to our DFL-WDII and will release it soon. We always believe to take care of the users’ needs is to take care of our own business.


Dolphin Support Team