Dolphin Advanced Training Course for Users from South Korea

Dolphin advanced data recovery training courses are more and more popular nowadays to data recovery engineers worldwide and in this July 2018, data recovery engineers from South Korea have come to take the training course and finally got the certificate of excellence in using DFL data recovery tools.

There are many data recovery shops in South Korea but many of them offer software data recovery solutions, many of them are just receiving cases and sending the cases to big data recovery companies and many data recovery companies don’t use hardware solutions properly, according to the attendees.

By attending the Dolphin advanced data recovery training courses, the Korean data recovery engineers have deeply and clearly understood the knowledge on how the hard drive components, both software and hardware components work exactly and how they fail and how to fix different failures.

The training course focus on firmware failures, physical failures and encrypted cases and explained all the advanced solutions in one easy mode including how to fix capacity 0 and wrong capacity drives, how to fix busy drives, how to fix smartware protected hard drives, how to fix firmware locked drives, how to fix USB encrypted drives, how to swap heads and platters, how to clean platters, etc.

After the training course, the Korean engineers become confident in offering high-quality and high-success-rate data recovery services to the local clients requiring data recovery services.

If users wish to attend Dolphin advanced data recovery training courses, users are welcome to Dolphin head office in China and stay with Dolphin engineers for one week which can change your data recovery career.

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