ST1000LM010-9YH146 SIM1009 Firmware Repair and Data Recovery Steps

SIM1009 error is one common error message reported by the patient HDD in the COM terminal and with DFL Seagate firmware repair tool, it’s just one click away to fix this failure and get lost data back.

This is one successful remote case study for one DFL user in Mexico. The user applied for remote support by Dolphin remote support system and Dolphin engineer connected to user PC by teamviewer and started to fix the damaged drive for user.

It was always good news to learn the patient drive was spinning well without clicking noises, otherwise, by remote support, the Dolphin engineers can do nothing.

The next good news was that when Dolphin engineers power on the patient drive and was able to enter F3 T>, the only issue was the reported SIM1009 error.

The Dolphin engineer just entered the DFL Seagate firmware repair program, clicked Common Functions>Common Repair>F3 SIM1009 Fix, just just wait until the auto fix completes.

Within one minute, engineer powered off and on the patient drive, COM terminal reported normal messages without SIM1009 error any more, opened the DDP data recovery program, all data was perfectly recovered ready for extraction.

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