Seagate F3 (DOS) Table Read FAIL One Click Fix

When users power on the patient drive with data loss, users may find the following reported error messages in the COM terminal:

Rst 0x08M
Servo Processor Is Reset.

RW: Disc Ctlr Initialization Completed.


(DOS) Table Read FAIL

(DOS) Table Read FAIL

ASCII Diag mode

F3 T>

When above error messages are met, it’s actually very easy to fix by DFL Seagate firmware repair tool, DFL users just need to enter F3 T> and then go to Common Functions>Common Repair>F3 Dos Fix and then wait until the auto fix completes.

Power off and on the patient drive, the data will be available.

Any way, users need to check if the patient drives have other firmware failures too depending on the current status of the drive, if it is detected quickly, if it is clicking or not, if the data area is accessible or not.

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