Dolphin Customized Data Recovery Solutions For African Data Recovery Engineers

In order to meet the increasing demand of fixing different data recovery cases using proper data recovery tools in Africa, Dolphin Data Lab has been offering complete data recovery solutions and keep investigating the features of African data recovery market and now Dolphin Data Lab has decided to offer customized solutions to all African users who want to start a data recovery business and offer serious data recovery services to the end users there.

For most data recovery service suppliers in Africa, they are still using data recovery software or some simple data recovery utilities which have very limited solutions to fix the damaged hard drives, few companies can help get clients’ data at a good success rate, end users may pay a much higher cost but get no data or incomplete data.

This is usually caused by the economy development and also the lack of proper data recovery tools and lack of proper data recovery knowledge. Now Dolphin Data Lab offers this customized data recovery solution to all African data recovery users. With this solution, African data recovery users can do the following:

1, Minimize the investment to get complete hard drive data recovery tools, data recovery resource support, data recovery technique support, new tech upgrade support, etc;
2, Recover lost data from multiple damaged hard drives of all brands, SATA, IDE and USB hard drives are supported;
3, Recover damaged hard drives with bad sectors, single weak heads, contaminated head, firmware corruption. Users can recover good heads first and then recover remained bad heads;
4, Users can remove password of all hdd brands;
5, Reset smart, edit HDD ID, repair bad sectors, refurbishing multiple hard drives at the same time are all supported;
6, Recover WD USB hard drives, recover WD mypassport, elements and all other USB portable hard drives;
7, Recover deleted videos, different file types from undetected hard drives, from busy hard drives, from drives not detected in windows, from drives detcted with 0 capacity, wrong capacity, etc;
8, Recover lost data from clicking hard drives, from dead hard drives, from head damaged and PCB damaged cases and other physically damaged hard drive cases;
9, Raid recovery is supported;
10, Fragment file recovery is supported.

With this customized data recovery solution, the African engineers can get one-stop real solution for their data recovery business success.

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