Dolphin Data Recovery Tools in 16th Iran Digital Imaging Fair

From 17 to 20 July 2018, the 16th Iran Digital Imaging Fair was held in Tehran, respected Kanoon Bazyabi company was invited to attend this international exhibition with Dolphin data recovery equipment as Dolphin’s exclusive reseller in Iran, and these tools attracted many potential clients and got lots of favorable response.

Since the commencement of holding of D.I.F from August 2004, this international exhibition has existed for about 15 years in Iran and has had a profound impact on local digital and image market, and more and more international famous companies are willing to participate in this exhibition.

Nowadays digital and electronic technology becomes a very important part of information development and social communication, as such, data recovery field becomes increasingly important and necessary. It cannot even be imagined that important data and information get lost without any tool to recover.

Kanoon Bazyabi company brought DFL professional data recovery devices to this fair and got positive feedback from the market. As a professional data recovery engineer, Mr. Namdar, the founder and chief engineer of Kanoon Bazyabi, warmly demonstrated to his customers how Dolphin tools work, how to get lost data back from undetected hard drives, how to repair hard drives’ firmware problems with latest technology, and how to solve other complex cases. He and his team always warmly gave feedback when clients put forward various of questions.

We all know our clients always want a dependable partner they can call when they encounter technology issues, especially in the field of data recovery, therefore, we not only make efforts to offer the best data recovery tools, but also try to offer our users the best technical support. That is requirement to Dolphin team and also our resellers.

Dolphin Data Lab and our resellers can offer one-stop solution to help users set up one professional data recovery lab, we have disk imaging tools, firmware repair tools, platter swap tools, head replacement tools, soldering tools, clean bench, etc. and we have advanced data recovery training, detailed user manuals, free cases studies and training videos, and company forum where users can exchange ideas with our engineers and other users.

All users welcome to contact us if you need suggestions or help for data recovery, It’s believed that Dolphin will offer you the best answers. If users who live in Iran want to have a hands-on operation on DFL tools but missed this exhibition, please contact Kanoon Bazyabi by email to or, and their phone number, +98-21-66479576 and cellphone number 09126154977.

Hope you all will get great success in data recovery!