Dolphin Head and Platter Swap Tools and HDD Failures


Dolphin data recovery center receives and fixes many different data recovery cases each day and over half of them are physically damaged, many of these physically damaged hard drives are portable hard drives.

For common pc users, the following symptoms are usually met:

* A clicking drive, how to fix clicking hard drives, recover hard drives with clicking sounds, how to stop my hard drive from clicking, how to repair a broken hard drive with beeping or clicking noise, hard drive clicking but still works, click of death hard drive, etc;

* Fix beeping or buzzing hard drive and recover lost data, how to repair a beeping hard drive, Seagate hdd beeps and not recognized, Seagate external hard drive beeping after dropped, WD hard drive beeping, Toshiba external hard drive beeping, etc;

* Clicking, knocking, clock, ticking noise by abnormal movement of R/W heads;

* Hard drive making a scraping noise/grinding noise, hard drive grinding noise on startup, in many cases, this kind of physical failure is deadly;

* Hard drive with abnormal noises but the platter surface is in good condition;

* Hard drive with abnormal noises and the platter surfaces are scratched.

What should I do for a noisy broken disk drive?

* For over 95% above cases, users need to open the hard drives in clean room environment, use Dolphin head and platter swap tools, PCB repair tools, Dolphin hard drive platter cleaning solution, Dolphin hdd platter allignment/motor balance adjustment solutions and then use Dolphin hdd repair and data recovery solutions to get the lost data back, so it’s strongly recommended for individual pc users to send this kind of patient drives immediately to local professional data recovery companies;

* For around 5% above cases, the noises can be caused by PCB failures or bios chip or ROM content damage or firmware corruption, users need to use HDD rom chip pin reader or Dolphin hdd firmware repair tools and data recovery tools to get the lost data back;

* For some of the physically damaged data recovery cases, the platter surfaces are scratched, users need to learn how to bypass the scratched area or how to use Dolphin scratched hdd replacement tools, or need to learn how to cut the heads physically and recover the good surfaces, etc.

Users can find out all details about Dolphin hdd repair and data recovery hardware tools here.

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