Dolphin Moved to New Office in June 2019

Dolphin team head office has been moved to a new office building in this June.

This new head office is easy to receive Dolphin users worldwide. Shopping centers, Metro Station, food streets, hotels and good working environment are all in one place.

When users come for data recovery training courses, Dolphin Data Lab will send out cars to pick up all users, take all users to hotels and on the training days, users can easily walk to the office for training. After the course, it is easy to visit other interesting places of the city and enjoy different culture here.

With the new head office, Dolphin team have invested more in new data recovery technologies, new data recovery tools, technique support to all Dolphin users and improving the existing data recovery tools and technologies.

Dolphin team are always together with all Dolphin users’ data recovery success.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: