Dolphin Releases Now New Hardware Upgrade Policy For Users’ Satisfaction

Dolphin Data Lab has already created the online DFL hardware destruction tool to help all Dolphin users who are still using the previous generation hardware. With this new online DFL hardware destruction tool, users don’t need to ship back the old hardware any more, users can save big both on time and shipping cost to get the latest DFL hardware for upgrade with the best performance.

Dolphin team has now stopped the software upgrade for the first generation WD hdd repair hardware-DFL-WDII because this hardware has been in the market for over 4 years. Due to this reason, some WDII users wish to upgrade the WDII hardware to the latest SRP USB3.0 for WD hardware to get the latest software upgrade but according to the standard traditional process, users need to ship the previous hardware back to Dolphin factory and Dolphin shipping dept. will arrange then the new hardware package to users. Users pay the shipping cost of returning the old hardware while Dolphin team pay the shipping cost of shipping the new.

Now the situation has definitely changed and improved, Dolphin team can simply destroy the old hardware online with the customized tool and once the request of hardware is received, Dolphin team ship immediately(once the hardware upgrade cost is confirmed) the new hardware to users. Once users receive the new hardware, Dolphin engineer will date a time with the user and destroy online the old hardware and at the same time activate the new hardware. Before the users get the new hardware, users can continue using the old hardware. By this way, users don’t have any delay in their hdd repair and data recovery jobs and the time and shipping cost is saved for users too.

Dolphin team are always working hard to make all Dolphin users more successful and thanks to all those who continue supporting Dolphin team.

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