Dolphin Reseller Recruitment Plan In 2015

Dolphin Data Lab has worked out the latest reseller recruitment plan in 2015 and starts to seek new resellers worldwide!

Dolphin data recovery tools have been more and more popular among data recovery engineers worldwide and more and more people have selected to work with Dolphin team to start their data recovery business or grow their data recovery capabilities. With our current international sales and support network, we face bigger and bigger pressure and work load.

Dolphin has had resellers in USA, China, France, South Korea, India, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, etc.

Dolphin Data Lab is aiming to set up resellers in Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Germany, UK, Belgium, New Zealand, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc.

Dolphin Data Lab is giving more support, more discount, more technique documents, more marketing support, etc and all resellers will have a bigger chance of succeeding in offering high-success-rate data recovery services and achieving a big success in data recovery business.

Within 2014, Dolphin team has completed the data extraction, firmware repair, ID edit, smart reset and password removal for all hard drive brands and now Dolphin team are focusing on upgrading and improving all our existing tools and functions. Besides, Dolphin team has also developed some new head and platter swap tools, PCB donors, new data recovery training documents, etc and within 2015, Dolphin team offers complete hard drive data recovery solutions to all engineers worldwide.

Win-win success is the key for partnership and we believe win-win success belongs to all Dolphin resellers and partners and Dolphin team!

If you are interested in becoming one authorized reseller of Dolphin data recovery tools, please contact us by or add our skype account: