Fixing 2.5″ WD800UE IDE scorpio PCB 1281-002 Rev A


Case HDD ID: 2.5″ WD800UE IDE (scorpio) PCB 20-60 1281-002 Rev A (2 Platter / 4 heads).

The heads are changed (But donar is one year older and have PCB 20-60 1281-001 Rev A),  after start the hdd spin up and clicks 5 times and spin down, force loading is .

I see …
WDC-ROM SN XYZ / MicroCode 1051
Firmware 09.07 D09 Capacity: 18 GB. What can i do ?, what is the right jumper set for safe mode by 2.5″ IDE ?

The WD donor needs further checking. Can you change donor PCB to see and copy the module 0a and 47 from donor pcb to patient pcb? Any E47 point on the IDE PCB? I copied 0a + 47 from donor to patient pcb, but the same result (5 clicks spin down). There is no E47 point on IDE PCB. Any Ideas ? what can i do ? (is donor not compatible ?)

1 year older that mean firmware and rom ata revision is different from patient, if embedded then need to connect pcb only in safe mode and get the original rom and then write it to donor pcb, then this way chance to get hard disk ID on hardware
I am sure there is ATA ROM mismatched! Have you tried hot swap or the head is still not compatible.

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