How to Fix WD drive that has lost the partition and is encrypted

This is one DFL client from USA.


I have a personal WD drive that has lost the partition and is encrypted. It was working one day, then all the files disappeared. I only need the software to unlock this drive, and have no intention of using it for anything professional or money making. Do you have a 7 day trial (or temporary license), so that I can attempt to repair this drive.

Thank you,’

For single hard drive repair and data recovery, Dolphin team don’t recommend our data recovery tools cause’ they are not cost-effective for one drive only. Because for one data recovery case, Users may need multiple data recovery and hdd repair tools.

For the WD drive that has lost the partition and is encrypted, users may need on compatible SATA PCB and use DFL-WD firmware repair tool to work on the ROM and then access the firmware area to repair the damaged firmware modules and then the drive may get detected again in pc for direct data recovery. If this doesn’t work, need to diagnose further to get it fixed.

Dolphin DFL data recovery tools are hardware and software integrated data recovery solution, software alone doesn’t work and demo version is not available for DFL data recovery tools.

The only possible demo software from Dolphin team is the latest Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery software.

Users can email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: to get the Dolphin DVR Pro demo software for free.