How to Use Seagate LM Partial Sector Access of DFL Seagate Firmware Repair Tool


Dolphin Data Lab has released the new DFL seagate firmware repair software-DFL-ST Version and with this new Seagate firmware repair software, Dolphin users can properly fix the Seagate LM partial sector issue.

Dolphin Seagate LM hard drives have the following common firmware problems:

1, Translator failure;
2, Capacity problem;
3, NG-list failure;
4, SA lock;
5, NG-list on bad sectors;
6, Smart module on bad sectors;
7, P-list failure.

How to use Dolphin DFL Seagate LM partial sector auto fix?

1, Connect COM cable;
2, Enter Seagate F3 firmware repair program;
3, Go to menu-Defects Management>NG-list Operations>Clear NG-list(ATA or COM)
4, Go to menu-Defects Management>Translator Operations>Regenerate Translator LM

Above Seagate firmware repair functions can all be executed automatically.

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