Important Data Recovery Tips for Target Drive


As for one professional data recovery engineer, it’s necessary to learn about the importance of using one target drive and in this article, Dolphin engineers will discuss the tips about making best use of one target drive.

Target drive is named against the source drive. Source drive is the data drive of the clients, target drive is one clean drive to backup the client’s data.

The following are some important tips to remember for new data recovery engineers:

01: As one target drive, the drive needs to be clean without any data. Sometimes when users scan the lost data and find multiple partitions but some partitions and data belong to some other pc users and this is very risky. If users want to use these drives with data as target drives, users must zerofill the drives to destory all possible data inside it.

02: The target drive needs to have same or bigger capacity than the source drive;

03: The target drive must have good health without bad sectors and the physical components must be good, otherwise the data write will fail;

04: Users must connect target drive before any read attempts to the source drives. This should be one very very good habit or necessary step for professional data recovery engineers to have. Because in the DFL-DDP data recovery program, there’s one special technique: Intelligent Data Channel Adaptive technique. The DDP data recovery program will always select the best data channel to read data. For the first time, the data will be read from source drive and then synchronized to target drive. From the second time, all the data will be read from target drive except the data which has not been synchonized to target drive. This will maximally protect the source drive and increase the data recovery success rate for unstable patient hard drives;

05: As one target drive, users can select one good drive or users can select to create one VHD or VHDX. Within DDP data recovery program, users can easily create and attach one VHD or VHDX automatically.

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