One Very Helpful Data Recovery Function for Seagate HDD

Within the latest DFL all in one software V2.0, Dolphin R&D team has added one new function called ”Boot Mode Read” in the Seagate HDD firmware repair program. Boot Mode Read is especially helpful for busy undetected hard drives.

For doing hard drive repair or data recovery, it is important to know what family is this hard drive belongs to. Because most of the time, whether the drive is supported or not, it depends on the drive family. Drive family plays a big role since different drive family adopted different technology.

For common drives, DFL program can detect the drive family automatically. However, it is not rare to see cases which are busy and cannot be IDed, and unable to detect the drive family. In order to improve the drive repair and data recovery success rate, our R&D added a useful feature called” Boot Mode” in the upcoming program, now we can get the family, model and serial number easily and automatically by click “boot mode”.

To be specific, this newly added feature can help us have below benefits or advantages:

1, Read ROM is always the first step for data recovery. If we don’t know the correct family of the patient drive, we may fail to read the ROM. In other words, with the correct HDD family information, we can read the ROM successfully from most of the drives, even the newer and bigger Seagate and WD drives.

2, When we receive physical damaged drive, we need to find the donor drives for replacing the bad parts. As we know, for a lot of patient drives, we need to know family name to find a compatible donor. If the family is not the same, the donor may not match. That means family name gives us hints and helps us improve the rate for finding the right donor.

3, Serial number is unique for each drive. With the detected serial number, we can save the ROM and firmware modules under the default path with serial number include. So it can help us to differentiating each case and won’t mix up in our huge database.

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