New DFL Seagate Firmware Repair Software Upgrade V1.93

Dolphin Data Lab keeps working on improving and adding new hdd repair and data recovery solutions to All data recovery tools.

The following are the new features available in the new coming software upgrade:

1, Improve new F3 ROM read and write ability to support more DM and LM hard drives;
2, Improve COM terminal and fix some COM stuck issue;
3, Improve SYS Read and write ability;
4, Improve F3 standard partial sector access solution;
5, Improve head adaptive rom function;
6, Improve LM Partial sector access solution;
7, Add defects to Plist by Cyl;
8, Add new NG-list write method to handle some special LM drives with partial issue;
9, Add partial sector access solution for new LM drives;
10, Add new algorithm and solution for some old F3 hard drives’ partial sector access issue;
11, Add compatibility to work with DFL latest super COM adapter suite for highest baud rate;
12, Add compatibility to work with auto or manual selection of different COM port voltages;
13, Add common solution to No HOST BUSY drives;
14, Add refresh hdd status menu.

Dolphin team are adding more new features and more newer software upgrade is coming.

Any question is welcome to or add Dolphin Skype ID: