New Dolphin CCTV DVR Data Recovery Software Version 2.11 is Available


Whenever new CCTV DVR systems are found from the Dolphin DVR users, Dolphin DVR experts can easily and quickly analyze and fix the new cases for the users and then add to the Dolphin DVR Pro.

In this new version, Dolphin DVR experts have added new DVR systems below and also improved the software further.

01: TONGWEI DVR system is added, uers can use both fast analysis and deep analysis to access the DVR videos, all the channels and detailed dates will be properly detected and output;

02: TP-link DVR system has been upgraded on the fast analysis;

03: NDC DVR system has been added (NDC is one type of video encloding method, the client didn’t know the DVR brand, so Dolphin DVR experts name this new type of DVR system by the encoding method, that is to say, all DVR systems using the same video encoding method will be supported);

04: The video preview time for trial version has been extended.

More new DVR systems will be added soon.

You never know how fast Dolphin CCTV DVR data recovery software upgrade is until you try it, if users have DVR cases which cannot be handled, users can email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: