Notice On The Dolphin DHL Extra Shipping Cost

DHL shipping is one of the major shipping methods Dolphin Data Lab has been using for years and it enables fast and secured international shipping services to Dolphin users worldwide.

DHL has helped to ship Dolphin tools to over 130 countries successfully without delay and recently to some countries with high risks and some countries with limited shipment have added extra cost.


Countries With High Risks:
Afghanistan, Burundi, Iraq, and Libya, Mali, Niger, and southern Sudan, Syria and Yemen
Extra Cost: USD25

Countries With Limited Shipment:
Central Africa, Ivory Coast, Congo, Eritrea, Iran, and Iraq, North Korea, Liberia, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen
Extra Cost: USD36

The total shipping cost=standard weight charge+Fuel surcharge+extra cost for countries with high risks or with limited shipment.

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