Password Removal Request from Czech Republic

The following is one new client from Czech Republic asking for removing passwords from their three hard drives by purchasing DFL hardware data recovery tools.

I have three hard drives: 840 EVO 500GB
Crucial M550
ST2000LM003 HN
All of these drives had their user (not user+master) bios passwordscorrupted by two Lenovo T430’s under bios version 2.71. The passwordswere allowed to be written with a ! under a previous bios versionwhich was interpreted, written to the drives, and is now unknowable.

Unless I knew how to reverse engineer that info from CMOS these drivescannot be unlocked now even though I know the password. I can stillaccess the drives through the Lenovo finger print data on one of theT430’s, but if this data is reset in bios the drives will be useless.Samsung and Crucial have denied my request for help even though thesedrives are under warranty.
So, what does your tool cost, and will it work with all 3 drives?
Also, do you provide a service to remove these passwords without buying the hardware?
Thanks. ”

For this kind of hard drive password removal, it is actually very easy to remove the password, if users have DFL HDD firmware repair tools, it takes just one click to remove the password.

If users want to remove passwords from hard drives, users can email to or add Dolphin Skype ID: to get more details.