PC Services in Slovakia Interested in DFL Hardware Data Recovery Tools

PC services companies are very common DFL users in all countries, many IT engineers or specialists wish to add data recovery business to be part of their IT business.

The following is one user from Slovakia who wants to buy Dolphin data recovery tools.

“Dear All,

I would like to get a quote for your hardware data recovery tools. I am working partially with PC services and from time to time I get a drive that is not able to read data from and software tools are not able to restore them. Drives usually seems to be like unformatted. Sometimes Win can detect it, sometimes not. In this case there is a chance to see the data and copy some of them to a safe place (with speed like 40 kB / s, so it means to copy only very small part of them), but after few minutes the drive disconnected and you can start the process again – and It takes hours to get the drive visible again for the computer. This way it takes weeks to restore some GB of data and drive is probably getting weaker and weaker.  Some SATA drives after connecting directly to the computer are not able to see. It seems that the drive is not spinning anymore.

So I would appreciate your quote for an equipment to restore data especially from SATA and USB drives.

Thanks, have a nice day.”

If other clients from Slovakia are interested in an equipment to restore data especially from SATA and USB drives, users are welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab