Ransomeware Infected HDD Recovery Request from Sultanate of Oman

“Hello Team,

Do you have any option to recover HDD effected with ransome ware?

We have not purchased any data recovery tools from dolphin. If you can guarantee we can decrypt the encrypted files affected by ransome ware. We can purchase your tool. I am attaching an encrypted sample file along with this mail for your reference. Its extension is .wallet. “

Please check with your technical team and update.

Dolphin team have received many requests similar with above to get data recovery tools to recover the ransomeware infected HDDs.

As for this kind of requests, Dolphin team need to explain a little here: all data recovery tools are used to recover lost data and not used to repair the damaged or infected files.

For ransomeware infected files, it is possible to get them repaired. Firstly users need to recover them and next is to repair them. Usually many engineers are able to repair the database files but for videos, documents, photos, it is not easy, engineers must have enough knowledge and experience on hex codes and data structure, otherwise, it is very time-consuming to repair these infected files.

So if users got this cases, it’s the best to send the cases to the local professional data recovery service suppliers or contact Dolphin team for evaluation on the time and cost to repair those ransomeware infected files.

Any question is welcome to sales@dolphindatalab.com or add Dolphin Skype ID: dolphin.data.lab